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byron juliette balcony

The first Juliette balconies (sometimes spelt Juliet balcony) were developed on the Continent to enable upstairs bedrooms or lounge areas to benefit from full height glazed French doors to add light and create a more airy and spacious feel.

Alpha Rail has an extensive collection of Juliette balconies offering a huge opportunity to differentiate your property or housing development. The options include a range of plain and more decorative options in five standards widths: 1264mm, 1570mm, 1876mm, 2182mm and 2488mm, however bespoke designs and widths can be manufactured to order.

The balconies are guaranteed for twenty five years and are 1100mm high. They meet all building regulation compliance rules and the balustrades are designed to be child proof to meet all safety requirements.

We are happy to supply in as single units or as a bulk order for use on larger developments.

Our range of Juliette Balconies

Washington design juliet balcony

The Washington

Rufford design juliette balcony

The Rufford

Portland design juliette balcony

The Portland


Chatsworth design juliet balcony

The Chatsworth

Byron design juliette balcony

The Byron

Bow fronted Rufford design juliette balcony

The Rufford Bow Fronted

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