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We’ve all seen signs on well-kept lawns, parks and gardens displaying the message “Keep off the Grass” or “Keep off the flower beds”.

However, with or without these signs, the reality is that the grass or the short cut through the flower bed will still be as tempting to sit on or walk across.

Alpha Rail has proved that this type of signage is much more likely to be respected when combined with the use of a physical deterrent such as a trip rail.

Trip rails are rails that tend to be the height of an adults knee or slightly lower, and used to line grassed or planted areas to guide people along the correct pathways. The low height of the trip rail means passers-by can still enjoy the park or area without a physical barrier to block the view.

Trip rails tend to have a simple design, fabricated from either circular or rectangular hollow sections, that are linked together with upright posts at regular intervals.

The trip rails are made of steel and to withstand weathering all are galvanized and can have a factory applied powder coat finish in a variety of colours to blend in with the environment.