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wrought iron railings 2

Metal railings have long been called wrought iron railings as they date back to centuries when iron ore was the only metal ore available. Once steel became more commercially available from 1860, iron was used less and less. The use of iron in metal railings reduced even further after WW1 and WW2 because virtually anything that was made of iron was smelted down to help make ammunition!

The word ‘wrought’ essentially means ‘worked’ and so very often metal railings are referred to as wrought iron railings, when in fact most railings are now made in steel.

Steel or metal railings have many benefits over wrought iron railings. Firstly mild steel is more commonly manufactured and is cheaper, and it is also easier to weld and forge as iron is not very ductile and has a tendency to become brittle and crack. Most things that are made of iron in today’s world generally use reclaimed iron and involve the traditional forging skills of a blacksmith.

It also has more bespoke design advantages, both in the ability to create decorative features such as curves, arches, motifs and logos, but also in the choice of paint finishes.

As well as manufacturing to bespoke designs and size specifications, Alpha Rail offers its own range of metal railings in a variety of choices including:

Alpha Rail’s vertical bar railings are mainly used when there are no safety concerns over the use of pointed or other decorative finials on top of the vertical infill bar, or when bespoke features or designs are required.

Our bow top railings are generally used in public spaces like parks, playgrounds and educational establishments like schools as the curved effect on top of the vertical infill bar are unlikely to cause injury. The distance between railings can also be designed so that small bodies are unable to push through the gaps!

Many country estates and houses use the Alpha Rail Estate Rail Fencing system to cordon off areas from the public and restrict access to areas where perhaps wildlife or forestry areas need additional security.

Flat top fencing is suitable for most applications where the demarcation of boundaries is required. They also come with a choice of vertical or chevron infills.

Alpha Rail can offer a number of paint finishes on all the Alpha Rail range of railings, gates and other bespoke metal works products we supply.