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juliette balcony1

A Juliet Balcony, sometimes spelt Juliette Balcony does indeed get its name from the famous Shakespeare play.

As a manufacturer of metal railings and other bespoke metalwork, Alpha Rail has a range of Juliette Balconies available that can be supplied, delivered and installed to both builders, contractors and the general public as there is no minimum order quantity.

Alpha Rail has an extensive collection of Juliet balconies offering a huge opportunity to differentiate your property or housing development. The options include a range of plain and more decorative options in five standards widths: 1264mm, 1570mm, 1876mm, 2182mm and 2488mm, however bespoke designs and widths can be manufactured to order.

The balconies are guaranteed for 25 years and are 1100mm high. They meet all building regulation compliance rules and the balustrades are designed to be child proof to meet all safety requirements.

The Alpha Rail range has a choice of six designs to choose from.

The Portland Juliette Balcony

The Byron Juliette Balcony

The Rufford Juliette Balcony

The Rufford Bow Fronted

The Juliet Balconies that are used in today’s construction projects are usually fitted to first or upper floor windows. These windows are usually full height and the Juliet Balcony is fitted to the external wall so that the windows can be fully opened to allow more light and air into the room, yet prevent building occupants from a having a nasty accident.

Juliette Balconies can also be a useful addition to windows where the building enjoys spectacular views over countryside or a town location. The decorative metalwork and varying styles of Juliet Balconies that are available are often used by architects as a design feature to make external building elevations look more visually attractive and appealing.

Alpha Rail can also manufacture bespoke designs in any shape or size and are happy work with architects to provide 3D drawings to help bring any other conceptual metal balcony, railings or gates ideas to life.