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Since 2010, there has been lots of advice issued regarding electric gate safety. As we approach the fourth anniversary of when two children tragically died as a result of getting stuck in electric gates, we felt it timely to issue a reminder about the HSE’s safety alert with our own assurances that all gates manufactured by Alpha Rail and installed by one of our preferred contractors always meet the HSE guidelines.

The HSE safety alert points out that limiting the closing forces of gates alone will not provide sufficient protection to meet the relevant standards, and installers must fit additional safeguards to gates in public areas.

When Alpha Rail design and specify the opening and closing mechanism on our electric or automatic gates, we always take steps to ensure they are designed to stop if someone gets in the way. We also go to great lengths to ensure our installers and those responsible for maintaining the gates realise that they have a duty of care to ensure this happens.

We understand that when manufacturing, designing or installing electric gates, it’s crucial to consider who will be in the area when the gate is in operation. Many of our projects are gates for schools and other areas that the general public can access, so to us it is has become second nature to ensure these additional protective measures are in place.

The additional steps we seek to ensure include creating safe distances, installing fixed guards, limiting the forces or installing sensitive protective equipment, plus other additional safeguards that may be required according to the location and gate user.

We also  recommend installers and those responsible for the ongoing control of the maintenance of electric gates  carry out regular risk assessments and continually take account of any changes to the operating conditions or environment.

If you have a project requiring electric or automated gates and would like to discuss our approach, please contact us on 01623 750214.