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mild steel vertical bar westminster style railings, galvanized and powder coated

Alpha Rail has manufactured and installed metal railings and heritage metal name plates for The University of Northampton’s St Johns Hall Student Residence.

Each of the student accommodation blocks is named after a local railway station and to reflect this heritage, Alpha Rail was asked to manufacture the bespoke designs in metal and attach them the metal railings.

In total, the project required Alpha Rail to install 13 linear metres of 2.2m high Westminster railings, 161 linear metres of 1.1m high Westminster railings around six blocks of multi-storey accommodation constructed on the old St John’s Car Park in Northampton town centre.  We also installed an automated 2.2m high double/single gate arrangement.


name plaques

As the outer walls of each accommodation block were located quite close to the boundary where the railings were being fitted, we had to liaise with the other contractors to ensure scaffold being used to access the ongoing building works on the upper stories of the building did not infringe the ground area where we needed to lay concrete foundations for the metal railings.


The new Hall of Residence, cost £18m to build and now comprises 464 bedrooms which will be used by University of Northampton students, including postgraduates and international students.