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Alpha Rail has recently seen an increase in the demand for metal railings on housing estate projects in preference to wooden panels as an alternative way of defining the boundaries of residential properties.

wooden fencing surrounding residential properties

We think this is due to the fact that the media has been full recently of news that thieves are stealing wooden fence panels to order, pushing up their black market price to over £90 a panel as DIY stores run out of stock.

decorative bow top panels

Nationwide in recent months, panels have been reported stolen from gardens, builders’ merchants and even a school.

The floods at the start of the year have worsened the panel shortage as the swamped ground meant timber suppliers could not access woodland, so wood stocks are low.

A boom in construction has added to the problem, leaving many fencing companies struggling to source enough timber to meet demand.

By contrast, metal railings are much harder to remove as they are made of steel and either mounted upon a brick wall base or embedded solidly into under soil concrete foundations.

Alpha Rail offers a range of metal railing solutions including vertical bar railings, bow top railings and flat top railings in a variety of style and colour finishes.

Whilst metal bars do not provide the fully enclosed solution provided by wooden fences, the obvious advantages are that they do not need to be repainted every year as they come galvanized and painted. This powder coating of paint usually looks pristine for up to ten years.

Metal panels also come with a range of finials which can make them much harder to climb, knock down or steal – and if complete privacy is required, then an attractive row of shrubs or evergreen bushes could be planted too.

mild steel galvanized and powder coated metal railings ' churchill'

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