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cycle stands

How did the Sheffield Cycle Stand get its name?

The “Sheffield Cycle Rack” or “Sheffield Cycle Stand” was named after the city of Sheffield where the idea for this design of stand was pioneered. […]

bruges visit

Wrought iron railings guard municipal archives

At a recent visit to Bruges, our marketing manager got a little excited about some wrought iron railings! Whilst there, she climbed the 366 steps […]

All Saints School, Huthwaite

Metal railings and automated gates improve safety for school

Huthwaite All Saints Church of England Primary School has used Kirkby in Ashfield based metal railings and gates manufacturer Alpha Rail to manufacture and install […]

van front

New Chapter 8 van for metal railing manufacturer

Yes, we have a new (well newer), delivery van that is now all liveried up to feature the new Alpha Rail logo and brand identity. […]