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cycle stands

The “Sheffield Cycle Rack” or “Sheffield Cycle Stand” was named after the city of Sheffield where the idea for this design of stand was pioneered. Sheffield is a City in England that was renowned for iron and steel manufacturing.

The cycle rack originated when some residents of Sheffield were deciding what to do with some old gas piping. Local cyclists suggested the cycle rack idea and two simple bends later, and a little concrete in the ground, the rack was born.

At the time this design was a revolution in a world of ‘single-point cycle stands” holders’ that bent wheels and offered little security.

Early models tended to offer a means of securing one wheel: such as a grooved piece of concrete in the ground, a forked piece of metal into which a wheel of the bicycle is pushed, or a horizontal “ladder” providing positions for the front wheel of many bicycles.

These were not very effective, since a thief need only detach the parked wheel from the bicycle to free the rest of the bicycle. They also did not offer much support, and rows of bicycles in this type of stand were susceptible to all getting toppled over in a domino effect.

The design of the Sheffield Cycle Hoop consists of a hollow metal tube bent into the shape of a square arch, which when insitu, looks like a hoop.

The top of the hoop is usually designed and mounted so that it will be level with the top bar of the bicycle frame, and thus supports the bicycle and allows the frame to be secured at two points.

The Sheffield Cycle Stand can accommodate one or two bikes (one each side) and the two upright bars mean cycle users can lock the bicycle frame and wheels of the bike to the stand using lockable devices such as D-locks and chains.

As a bespoke metalwork specialist, with over thirty years of manufacturing experience, Alpha Rail is able to provide a choice of cycle racks. Our most popular model is the Sheffield Cycle Stand.


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