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cycle stand

The location of where a Sheffield Cycle Stand or other style of bike rack is installed is just as important as how safe and useful it is.

The better the location, the more use the bike rack will encourage. Bicycle stands should be installed in an area that is highly visible to the public.

By avoiding isolated areas and hidden spaces, cyclists will feel safe enough to lock their bikes in that location.

Crowded locations will also deter bike thieves from stealing bicycles. Also, by placing bike racks in a highly visible area, the location will most likely be near common places of interest, making it more convenient for people to ride their bike to their destinations.

However, while a bike rack should be installed in a visible area, it is important that the bike rack have adequate spacing away from pedestrians and other traffic. Bike riders will need ample space to maneuver their bike around and into the rack, without hitting other parked bikes, cars, or people. It is also important to place bike racks far enough away from doorways, sidewalks, or paths where it may obstruct traffic flow.

Another important factor to consider is weather protection. If bike racks are being used for long-term parking, the bike rack should be placed under some form of weather protection.

This will not only help protect the bike rack from corrosion, but also encourage bike riders to store their bikes there for extended periods of time


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