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The installation of new fume extraction units into the Alpha Rail workshop has improved air quality and helped to recirculate warm air to improve the work environment for our team on the shop floor, where all our metalwork fabrication takes place.

In total, Alpha Rail has invested over £25,000 on a system manufactured by ESTA, who has more than 25 years of experience in the construction of customised extraction and ventilation systems.

The workshop now has 7 individual ESTA SRF T 2 W3 units and an ESTA FILTOWER – F 160  filter tower.  These portable units are designed to be connected directly to the welding torch and extract the welding fumes as they are produced at source. The units have a powerful turbine which draws air in through a filter, removes the harmful fumes and passes clean air back into the atmosphere.

The Filtower works on the same principle but on a much larger scale.  It will filter 18,200m³ of air per hour.

Metalwork Fabrication Fume Extraction

Some of the benefits Alpha Rail is now enjoying include:

  • Better air quality in the work place.
  • Up to 70% reduced heating cost by recirculating the air.
  • Meet statutory regulations in compliance with occupational health and safety.
  • Powerful low noise performance.
  • Recommended by the Employers’ Liability Association.

Commenting, David Woodward, from Alpha Rail, said “The move to our new production facility in April 2017 has enabled Alpha Rail to streamline many of its manufacturing processes which has both improved efficiency and the speed at which we can fabricate our metalwork products. The installation of new fume extraction units has improved the environment for those working on the factory floor and ensured we are fully compliant with health and safety legislation.”

The new system was supplied and installed by dust and fume extraction experts McCarthy Environmental, based in Northampton.