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How metal railings differentiate a housing development marketing suite

How metal railings differentiate a housing development marketing suite

You’re a landscape architect, you’re designing the external works for your next housing estate development for your construction client and you want to impress. This article explores how metal railings can differentiate a housing development marketing suite.

When you begin the design process and you’re having a flash of creative brilliance and inspiration, installing metal railings and making them a feature of the development is probably the last thing you’d consider in order to create the right first impression to the potential buyer.

However, more often than not, once the show home is complete, and the marketing suite has been opened, it can be quite some time before the surrounding plots begin to take shape and give a positive impression.

This means that the show home has to have the essential ‘wow’ factor such that potential new home owners can visualise what their dream home could look like once the keys have been handed over.

They will obviously be thrilled to have the choice of kitchen, bathroom and other internal fittings, but as more and more of home owners turn to the landscaping and perimeter security considerations, you can see how metal railings begin to feature more and more in the choice of decisions.

There are many benefits to using metal railings, these include:

Alpha Rail has supplied metal railings and gates for many show home complexes. These include the Damstead Park development for Avant Homes and the Fish Island development in Hackney, the B@Home development and in the Build a Better Nottingham programme to name but a few. There are many more examples on our website.

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