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Alpha Rail is certified by British Assessment Bureau for ISO 9001 and 14001. This means the processes we use in the manufacture of our products are assessed by an external third party body for compliance to the highest standards. We are also members of Constructionline which is the UK’s register of pre-qualified local and national construction contractors and CHAS (Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme) accredited.

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Choosing the correct type of pedestrian guardrail – what to consider

Choosing the correct type of pedestrian guardrail – what to consider

Generally speaking, the type of pedestrian guardrail required is dictated by its geographic location. In simple terms, each local authority has its own historic standard detail drawing showing the type they have specified. Therefore, any new planned highway projects having a need for pedestrian guardrail panels at allocated crossing points or splitter islands will tend to show the same style of guardrail that has historically always been used within that particular local authorities’ boundaries.

On the whole, there are three common types of guardrail that satisfy the criteria of BS7818 Class 2 which are frequently used across the UK:

1. Unit panel design which bolts to its neighbouring panel through its frame and is infilled with 12mm diameter infill bars. This is often referred to as full height pedestrian guardrail and is known here at Alpha Rail as our M1.

Pedestrian guardrail airbus


2. Unit panel design with a 200mm horizontal gap at the top which bolts to its neighbouring panel through its frame and is infilled with 12mm diameter infill bars. This is referred to as ‘sight gap’ or ‘vision gap’ guardrail and known to Alpha Rail as our M2.

galvanized and mild steel SM2 Pedestrian Guardrail


3. Separate panel and see-through post design with staggered infill bars. Different stagger arrangements are available to suit varying road conditions and to provide optimal visibility. This is known as Alpha Rail’s Optirail system, with each stagger arrangement having its own name: V2, V4 and V8. For more information on Optirail, click here.

Alpha Rail Optirail PGR

There will always be certain exceptions to these criteria as there are some local authorities that have a pedestrian guardrail system unique to their own individual area.

Alpha Rail has been a manufacturer of pedestrian guardrail since 1985 and come to be recognized as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers almost 40 years later. If you would like further information about pedestrian guardrail or some guidance on what type to choose, our Sales Team are on hand to discuss your project – give us a call and we would be happy to assist.

Further to our standard range of pedestrian guardrail that is kept in stock, additional options are available if required. As a specialist in bespoke metalwork, we are also able to manufacture special panels to follow a curve or gradient, along with a more decorative pedestrian guardrail to incorporate rings, balls, and motifs.

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