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Alpha Rail is certified by DAS Certification for ISO 9001 and 14001. This means the processes we use in the manufacture of our products are assessed by an external third party body for compliance to the highest standards. We are also members of Constructionline which is the UK’s register of pre-qualified local and national construction contractors and CHAS (Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme) accredited.

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Bespoke Railings, St Georges Church, Leeds




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Project Overview

St George’s Church is located in the heart of Leeds, close to the city hall and council chambers and has hundreds of visitors every week as part of its work within the local community. St George’s was designed back in the 1840s, and the surrounding parapet has a 15 foot drop on one side.

The church council had recognised this as a potential danger and wanted to install railings to prevent visitors, especially children from falling from the parapet. In addition, groups of people often congregated around the area at night, presenting both a health and safety and security risk.

Alpha Rail Solution

Railings and Gates play a vital part in enhancing a building’s aesthetics and security and are especially important when the building is a church in a city centre.

Alpha Rail have previously done work for Leeds City Council and have an excellent track record working on Churches and other historic monuments. We were commissioned to design assist, manufacture and install the railings for St George’s Church which included 100 metres of 540mm high ‘Churchill’ railing and two 1200mm gates. The mild galvanised steel railings were manufactured in a gothic style and delivered to site with a polyester powder coat finish in a robust dark green colour.

"The church council wanted to protect both church goers and the church itself by installing quality gates and railings that were in keeping with the area. We chose a typically ecclesiastical design that was non-obtrusive and that enhanced the surrounding area but did not detract from the beauty of the church."
- Brian Haith, Chairman of the Working Party for St George’s Church

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