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The installation of stair railings such as handrails or balustrade railings are a health and safety requirement. They help to reduce the likelihood of anyone falling, slipping or tripping when ascending or descending a stair well. They also offer welcome support in the case of sudden tiredness.

The requirement is that railings are installed on both sides of a stair well or stair case. They should provide an adequate hand grip and flow uninterrupted around half-landings to provide continued support.

Due consideration needs to be given as to the height and the distance of the railings from the wall according to the primary user of the stairwells. e.g. The elderly, or children in school buildings.

Stair core railings also provide additional safety and comfort for visually impaired and blind people, as they help to guide them up and down the stairs and around any landing walk-ways on multi story staircases.

Handrails must also be suitable for use by people who are physically weak and have a poor grip. The best shape of handrail is circular in cross section, such that a hand can encircle it.

The handrail must be mounted at a sufficient distance from the wall such that a hand can travel along it without encountering the fixing brackets and it must be easy for the partially sighted to locate the handrail. The use of different colours is an ideal way of helping to achieve the required contrast to differentiate between the wall and the handrail.

Alpha Rail is able to provide handrails and balustrade for internal and external stair cores within multi story buildings such as flats, offices, schools and car parks.


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Alpha Rail is certified by ACS Registrars for ISO 9001 and 14001. This means the processes we use in the manufacture of our products are assessed by an external third party body for compliance to the highest standards. We are also members of Constructionline which is the UK’s register of pre-qualified local and national construction contractors and CHAS (Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme) accredited.


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