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Pedestrian guardrail is used as a protective barrier on roads in order to keep pedestrians safe from vehicles.

It is designed to keep pedestrians off the road and guide them towards designated crossing points. However some guard rail designs obscure the view for drivers and this can be a potential accident risk. Particularly when small children and pets are approaching a crossing point as their height can make it harder for drivers to see them and take precautionary action should they be tempted to rush out in front of them.

Alpha Rail has trade marked a guardrail called Optirail, aptly named because the positioning of the upright bars allows drivers and pedestrians to see each other.

The Optirail system is only available at Alpharail and features railings that are staggered which means not only does it protect the pedestrian from road traffic, drivers are also able to see the pedestrian regardless of their height.

As visibility will change depending on the speed and curvature of the road, there are different spacing and setting of the panels for different speed roads. The different panels also take into account the minimum stopping distance from the end of the rail and the angle that the driver will be looking through the rail.

Tests have shown that using Optirail can improve visibility by a factor of three giving pedestrians and drivers more chance of being seen, to see and to take evasive action.