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Galvanised Optirail pedestrian guardrail

Staggered bar system with optimum sight angle of 2.5 to 5 degrees, for use on straight roads moderate to high speeds


V4 Optirail

Staggered bar system with optimum sight angle of 5 to 14 degrees, for use on straight roads low to moderate speeds, curves


V8 Optirail

Staggered bar system with optimum sight angle of more than 14 degrees, for use on curves of less than 15m radius


Bespoke pedestrian guardrail

The basic high visibility principals of our Optirail system are maintained here, whilst increasing levels of aesthetics by introducing circles and spheres to enhance the local environment.

For the ultimate in high visibility guardrail our Optirail™ pedestrian guardrail system is considered to be one of the best due to the staggered arrangement of its infill bars.

The concept of staggering the infill bars was pioneered by a traffic engineer who noticed an increase in incidents on roads with deceptive bends and those with pedestrian guardrail that significantly blocked the view of anyone using the pathways.

The basic function of pedestrian guardrail is to guide pedestrians to safe crossing points. However, a drawback of using conventional standard guardrail is that at certain approach angles, the ability for the motorist to see small children or animals approaching can be obscured causing a potential safety risk at crossing points. A similar problem is presented to drivers who are turning right at junctions.

The Optirail™ high visibility guardrail system is only available from Alpha Rail and was specifically developed to dramatically improve the inter-visibility of pedestrian guardrail and deliver the optimum in safety and visibility options to the highways planner.

Optirail™ improves visibility by a factor of 3! That is three times the time to see, be seen and take evasive action!


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Alpha Rail is certified by ACS Registrars for ISO 9001 and 14001. This means the processes we use in the manufacture of our products are assessed by an external third party body for compliance to the highest standards. We are also members of Constructionline which is the UK’s register of pre-qualified local and national construction contractors and CHAS (Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme) accredited.



We have also developed a number feature panels and decorative finishes for Optirail™ in order to maintain safety but also be sensitive to the environment. For example we have a more decorative version of Optirail™ featuring a series of rings in the design.

The Alpha Rail approach is to ensure the emphasis is on providing good facilities for pedestrians, eliminating street clutter and improving the streetscape.

OPTIRAIL™ can also be powder coated for use in locations where a twist of design or colour is required to enhance the streetscape and match other street furniture such as benches, litter bins, bollards and sign posts.

All OPTIRAIL™ models are available with vision gap feature at the top of the panel for additional visibility and have full length posts to be concrete in (rooted), however, all of our guardrail can be provided with baseplates for surface mounting.


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